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Today in bad ideas: a 25 hour travel day, and a conference

I didn't know this was going to happen. I booked a trip because my graduate department told me classes started on September 2. And then OH NO Graduate Student Orientation Conference happens on the 29th. Whoops.

I probably could have not gone, but I don't know anyone at this school and figured it would be a good networking opportunity, and I also was slightly worried that there would be one important thing that was mentioned, and I would miss it... of course, since I attended, nothing important was said and I totally could have stayed home. But if I'd blown it off, I would have probably missed something that would have caused me to be dropped from the program...

And now I am home... even though I want so badly to sleep, it's only 6 pm here, and I'm trying to get back on a regular sleep schedule. So a glass of wine and binge-watching old TV it is. Whooooo Friday.


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