...Or, as I like to call it, "making the Patriarchy work for me."

As some of you know (yay Facebook!), my computer charger melted and fried my computer.

I took it to the Apple store, wore a low cut top, cried, and got my computer fixed for free. It saved me $800. This is not the first time I have done this.

Part of me feels all #sorrynotsorry, because I'm broke and... $800. But part of me feels like I'm setting feminism back by reinforcing the idea of women as weak and needing teh menz to swoop in and help us in our hour of need. (I WILL NEVER BE SORRY FOR USING MY BOOBS TO GET THINGS. These fuckers have given me enough trouble in my life, have gotten me horribly creepy and negative attention since I WAS 12 [you do NOT want to have 36C boobs as a 12 year old. You just don't]. And yes, I know I'm reinforcing the negative attention I get when I use them to get things, but I'mma do me).

So what do you all think? Is Everything not so Shiny when using tears and boobs when you're broke as shit and can't afford to get your computer fixed? Or is this, as I like to tell myself, making the patriarchy work for me?