My mom has like, one friend (we'll call her Laura) leftover from her childhood and we see her just about every year. She has been dating this guy, we'll call him Randy, for maybe 15-18 years. In that time, he cheated on her, married the woman, kept Laura on the side, and divorced the woman. And now she is engaged to him. She was simultaneously other-womaned and the other-woman.

And now she is engaged to him!! EGUGAGHAGH.

I can't control what she does and my mom, sadly, is in the camp that she should get married NO MATTER WHAT BECAUSE WHAT IF SHE DIES ALONE. So anyway, just venting.

Laura is in her late 50s with two adult children from her first marriage.

OH ETA BECAUSE I CAN'T BELIEVE I LEFT THIS PART OUT: He was her boss for the majority of the time they have been together - including when he was cheating on her, and then cheating with her.