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Today in can you believe the nerve of this guy -- my MA teacher.

Hi, it's been a while since I've written about my shitty martial arts teacher. He hadn't really done anything spectacularly awful recently, well, up until last night.


My girlfriend has an aptitude for martial arts — she is just below a black belt in taekwondo, and she is easily my teacher's best student. Last night he approached her about possibly teaching a women's self-defense class, which is actually quite flattering, but here's the rub:

1. She already has a full-time job that involves working 40-50 hours a week, plus being on call (she's a sysadmin, so she has to baby her company's servers whenever they shit the bed).

2. Teaching the class would be in addition to training in our current class, which itself takes up about 8-10 hours a week.

3. He also wants/expects her to be the webmaster for his charity and also create an iOS app (???) for him.


4. She would not be compensated for teaching this women's class.

I just ... can't. Granted I have a vested interest in this because I already feel like I don't see her that often, but she's also been really stressing out about this. She's really bad at saying no, and our teacher doesn't like taking no for an answer, so I feel like she's going to be bullied into this. There is also the lack of compensation. I feel like our teacher just takes and takes and never gives anything back. I accidentally let slip to him that I know a bit about video editing, and he talked to me about helping him, for free, of course, with a documentary he's making (???). I said maybe, and he was like, what do you mean, maybe? Fuck you, dude.* Anyway, I've spent a good chunk of the past 12 hours trying to talk my girlfriend out of teaching the class, and I'm really hoping she stands up to him for once.


There is one happy note full of schadenfreude regarding my teacher. He had his expensive Macbook stolen this weekend, and I don't even feel sorry for him. He had it down in the dojo, which I guess he thinks of as his own private gym, but the front door opens to the sidewalk, and the backdoor opens to a very public parking lot, so I tend to think of it as a public place. Also, on the weekends it seems like there are always people coming through, and it's plausible someone could have walked off with it. Don't leave your very portable and expensive shit alone in a public place, people!

*Being that I'm unemployed, I probably could/should work with him, but at this point, I REALLY don't want to get involved with any more of his bullshit than I already am.

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