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Today in Children are Weird

Nanobyte: Hey, Mommy, I can do something with my body that may be a little weird.

Shiny: *thinking* Oh, Lords of Kobol this can't end well. don'tbetalkingaboutmasturbatingdon'tbetalkingaboutmasturbating *out loud* Hm? What's that, love?


Nanobyte: If I close my eyes and cover them with my hands and I stay like that for a while, it's like my eyes are turning inside my head. And Mommy? I can see my BRAIN.

Shiny: Oh! Can you?

Nanobyte: *very serious* Yes. And what's funny is that I can see the bruise on it now. Because it used to be all light, but now there's a dark circle like an onion ring.


Shiny: Huh. Does that worry you?

Nanobyte: No. It's interesting. You don't have to believe me.


Well, now I totally DO believe you.

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