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Today in Facebook Attacks

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A female friend posted a link to a list of items proving that rape culture exists. A white male computer geek immediately responded that the article is a slippery slope to thought-crime status, that criticizing rape culture is contrary to freedom of speech, implying that it shouldn't be allowed. I called him on his hypocrisy and said that he was trying to silence speech that criticizes as contrary to free speech and he said he's not because he didn't report it to Facebook.


Go back to reddit, douchebro. They totally think that bad rhetoric is logic if it is opposed to feminism there. Apparently, despite him repeatedly attacking speech that criticizes rape culture as an attack on freeze peach, the real problem is that I use words like douchebro and that womens is all mad about being raped and then blamed for the crimes committed against us, which might be kind of scary to some men, you guise.

You ladies are so scary when you stand up to people who treat you like crap! You should really not do that anymore, ok? Think of the mens!


Criticizing rape culture is a slippery slope to thought crime laws my big squishy ass.

ETA: He has just argued that the idea of privilege is a religion and since he has already given up one religion, he isn't going to adopt another. He has been asked if he honestly believes that the life of a white man is no different than the life of a black woman but I have posted the freeze peach image and bailed.

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