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Today in Facebook Drama, Duck Dynasty Freedom Fighter Edition

After reading this morning that Phil from Duck Dynasty actually had been suspended from A&E after equating homosexuality with bestiality and terrorism, insulting several major religions, and making bigoted statements about black people, I decided to preempt Facebook idiocy by posting a rant. TW: Sarah Palin photos.

Just a reminder because I expect that people are confused this morning: Phil from Duck Dynasty has the right to free speech and to express his religion. He does not have a right to retain a job if his employer thinks that his speech harms their business; firing or suspending him is their right to free speech as well as an effect of the free market. Anyone complaining about Phil's speech is also doing so via their freedom of speech and if it causes his employer to take action, that is also an effect of the free market.

Anyone who argues that Phil being fired or suspended for his speech is an infringement of his speech is arguing that A&E as well as anyone offended do *not* have freedom of speech. Expecting his employer to retain him even if they consider it bad for business is also requiring government regulation of business in contradiction to the free market, so you might want to watch out for hypocrisy.

Freedom of speech is different from freedom from consequences of speech; insisting otherwise is insisting that people only have freedom of speech if they agree with you— and that is not freedom of speech.


The part of the outrage over things like this that I hate isn't actually the ignorance or the political support of hate speech; it's the hypocrisy.

Take Focus on the Family, for instance: they've been boycotting Disney for decades because Disney has a gay pride day but when people said they would boycott Chick-Fil-A for donating to Focus on the Family, Focus on the Family cried that their freedom of speech as well as Chick-Fil-A's freedom of speech was being attacked— by people having the freedom of speech to disagree with them. We know that this is wrong: I have freedom of speech in the form of boycott just like they do. The hypocrisy shows their true intentions: "freedom of speech for me and anyone who agrees with me, but not for anyone else."

How often do you see conservatives howl that Maddow or Maher should be fired for their speech, even if the speech in question is uninflammatory disagreement backed by facts? But Rush Limbaugh lies about Sandra Fluke in order to justify slut-shaming her to discredit her for trying to inform people that birth control is medicine and people boycott his advertisers, FREEZE PEACH!


And these people also tend to talk about the virtues of free market capitalism and lack of government intervention in business. Affirmative action is bad because requiring employers to employ against their will is obscene. Businesses should be allowed to discriminate against homosexuals or black people or whoever they want; this just gives the free market the ability to punish them for that. But a conservative goes off the rails in the public square and his employer decides to not employ him anymore and suddenly, his employer should be required to employ him because he has free speech and no one else does.


Well, ladies and gentlemen and genderqueers and agenders and undecideds and anyone else (you people are hella complicated), today I changed one of those minds by backing it into a corner.


It was one of those "you must tolerate intolerance or you are intolerant" people. She said that the intolerance that people have shown towards him is really appalling. Someone responded that people are not required to tolerate intolerance. She said that he needs to L2Read cause she didn't say that, that if one expects tolerance then they should be tolerant first. I responded:

I totally agree that Duck Dynasty Dude should learn tolerance if he expects people to tolerate his speech.


She hit like. That, my conservative troll friends, is an actual gotcha.

Photo of Menudo included because it showed up in my google image search for must tolerate intolerance and what the hell, it's Menudo.


ETA: Oh great, flaming bag of flaccid dildos mixed with viagra is agreeing with me. Shower time!

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