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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Today in facebook's "Other" messages folder

Every once in a while I check the "other" messages on my facebook to see if there's anything I've missed. Nope, all it is is this:


Hello How are you today? I came across your profile with the beautiful smile that gleams in your face, and got attracted to you. It would be nice if we become friends. Hope you'll write back soon? *Smile *My Name is Alex.



hi saw your profile picture in a group search and i was moved , i will love to know you better and see where it will lead us , been friends will be a pleasure i mean no harm , im single and searching thanks for your time .. :)



Hello ,I stumbled on your profile picture while i was searching for an old school friend of mine here on facebook and i have tried so hard to get my eyes off it but to no avail .You look absolutely beautiful, your smile is so charming and your hair too is so fabulous.I actually do not have the exact word to describe this picture at the moment and I am so interested in getting to know more about you. So kindly make my day by writing back. Thanks, Steve.


It's a good thing I find this more amusing than anything. So superficial, they'll stare at a photo but not bother with the profile that says, "Married to: Mr Simon."

I think this is why women don't like to use profile pictures of themselves. Even when it's a compliment, it's creepy.

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