Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Today in Firsts

1. (number two is more interesting, I promise) I ran across a girl on OKC who I know from way back. She doesn't live anywhere near me, but despite that I tell OKC to only look for people near me, she came up in my activity feed. I knew it was her without even looking at her picture because her first name was in her handle and she has a very unique female name. (We were actually neighbors/friends until I was six, so that name has always seemed more appropriate as a female name to me). I messaged her just to say hi.

2. I had my first casual encounter with a girl last night. She was cute and we just cuddled and talked for a long time. It was nice. We just met yesterday through my roommate who kind of set us up after I jokingly asked if any of the friends of hers that I'd be hanging out with that night were single. Turns out this girl is pretty cool and cute and we talked quite a bit and I got just about as drunk as I've ever been (which isn't that drunk, but I was definitely feeling it and acting kinda dumb). It was platonic, and that was clear from the start, but even if it wasn't, I don't think I saw anything that would make me interested in her long-term or anything like that. And besides, she's moving away for grad school in a month. I had to talk my way through the cuddling because this was my first experience like this. She said I was very conscientious and did everything right, so there you go. It was just generally a fun and positive experience.


Now, how to transfer those fun positive experiences to not such extremely casual places? Haha.

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