Let me start by saying I understand that my friend is a very nice, very hardworking blowhard.

He knows it, I know it, everyone knows it. Entitled as all hell.

And today he was fired from his service industry job. He was understandably pissed and upset (although not surprised). He immediately took to Facebook to ask (or command rather) all of us to round him up a new job exactly like it. One by one anyone who offered their sympathy was immediately instructed to stop doing so and find him a new job.

I was ready to sit back and watch the shit parade. Take it ALL in, as I do during these Facebook train wrecks when he gets an idea.

And the indicator for a message in my inbox goes off and instantly I get annoyed.


First he asks me to "put in a good word" with someone I know who owns (and by own I mean uses it to fund other more lucrative business ventures) a local nightclub.

I explain that unless he is applying to run the nightclub or touch the company books, the owner cannot help him get the job, and me introducing the two will not help at all.


He comes back with since it's "too hard" for me to be his friend he'll have to do it himself.

I breathe, count to ten and then try again.

I explain to him that he might want to explore other possibilities just to find something now and then come back to what he really wants to do. I offer up retail as a suggestion because it's seasonal hiring season. He laughs at me and says he'd rather "work hard" and find a real job than work in retail.


First of all, working retail IS working hard. It is. I did it for years and it's not all scarf folding and talking to Janeane Garofalo.


My patience is up, I hope he has a safety net and plenty of people who can help him out because at this point I would like to see him finally taken down a peg or two.