Sonography technician students are suing a Florida college over forced vaginal exams.

Yes, you read that right. If this reporting is to be believed,

The suit also describes weekly probes for students in the program, saying they, “endured these invasive probes without a modicum of privacy. Plaintiffs would disrobe in a restroom, drape themselves in towels, and traverse the sonography classroom in full view of instructors and other students.”

“A student would place a condom over the probe and then apply generous amounts of lubrication to the probe. In some cases, the student would have to sexually ‘stimulate’ plaintiffs in order to facilitate inserting the probe into plaintiffs’ vaginas,” the lawsuit alleges.

The suit says the women “experienced discomfort and embarrassment each time they had to endure this forced probing of their sexual organs.”

I live with a (fairly) recent graduate of medical school. I can only wonder if lawyers or newspapers would be the first involved in our lives should anyone have suggested to missus c at any point that this kind of thing was part of her medical training. It might almost have been worth it, just to see the devastation that would ensue.

Peer physical examination is an accepted practice in the medical field.

This is in fact true, from what I understand. Med students take each others’ pulses, listen to each others’ hearts and lungs, test each others’ reflexes, that kind of thing. They DO NOT PERFORM TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUNDS ON EACH OTHER AND IT IS THE HEIGHT OF ABSURDITY TO LUMP THAT IN WITH “PEER PHYSICAL EXAMINATION.” MY GOD, PEOPLE.


My initial feeling is that, of course, students in a certificate program at a junior college are far more easily bullied and taken advantage of than medical students. And that makes me both sad and angry. And makes me hope that, if these allegations are true (and of course I don’t know that, one way or another), these students end up owning Valencia College.