I mean, not for the right reasons. My workplace is trying to get out in front of this whole salaried people getting overtime soon thing.* We’ve been audited by the department of labor before, so I get that they are wanting to tread lightly with that stuff now, but this is SO unexpected; they tend to do everything the Louisiana Way.**

Today in a staff meeting my boss says, “getting ahead of some labor department changes, we need all salaried employees to start tracking their time, and you are not to work more than your 35 hours per week.” Unlike me, most others didn’t know what this was, but I did.

Panicked, some of my coworkers who are constantly frazzled and totally overworked, said, “but I always check my email at home! But this! But that!”*** And my boss said, “now you are forbidden to do that.”

So needless to say this was just validation for the way I was already operating: if I can’t get it done in the hours allotted, I miss the deadline.**** Now I can’t get in trouble for it!

But everyone else seems terrified. I know they are terrified because 1) they think they are expected to get the same amount of work done in less time 2) they think they are going to be expected to work without logging the hours 3) they think they are going to fail at providing the unofficially on-call services to our clients*****. They are totally right, but here is my point:

If they stand their ground and follow the rule, this will shine a huge spotlight on the amount of overtime they work. My bosses, like many, are slow to hire people and wait until everything is a goddamn catastrophe. They are going to see the failure in overworking your people in action.


My bosses aren’t monsters. They are loyal employers; they keep people around and give critiques and raises and promote from within. They’re not stupid. They can either break the law (which they’ve shown they don’t want to do), start tearing their workforce apart with firings and turnover (which isn’t their style normally), or do the right thing. Well, or give (frankly pretty small) raises to get people over that threshold.

I don’t know how much everyone gets paid, but if every single person needed a $3000/year raise to reach that threshold, that is two extra salaries around what I think most people are paid right now. Hire more people for the same money? Yeah, do that.




*I realize this is mainly composed of ulterior motives.

**Do whatever you want and if you get caught bribe someone. All contracts are verbal. Just be generally sketchy, you know.


***I realize they are stressed about getting their shit done, but like, don’t you see how your lives are being ravaged and aren’t you glad that expectation is, at least on paper, being removed? I mean, these people are in BAD shape and constantly freaking out. They are so married to their job and, frankly, as my boss pointed out, “nothing is life or death [in our industry].”

****I’m a one person department so I also set the deadlines. I fly under the radar.


*****”Clients” is the closest word but I’m trying to stay out of doxxing terrirory here. And they are not entitled to anything outside of business hours.