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Today in I hate my skin

Yesterday morning I had a slight red rash on one side of my face when I got out of the shower. I tend to have some red blotchiness so I ignored it and went about my day.

Last night before bed it became very red, slightly itchy, hot and swollen. I washed my face after this with my normal face wash (Fresh Farmacy by Lush) and it has calamine in it and that didn't help. Put some Aragon oil on (also normal routine). My face really bothered me for hours, but I finally fell asleep. I also changed my pillow case last night incase it was something on there.

This morning I wake up and everything is fine and dandy.

Take a shower this evening, wash my face, get out of the shower and red, blotchy and slightly itchy on the one side again.



Nothing has changed in my routine. Same face products, same medicines, same detergent etc.. My facial skin is very sensitive but I'm at a loss.

I just bought some cortisone cream and I'm hoping that helps but it is more for itchiness and I don't have a lot of that.

Advice, thoughts, kitten gifs?

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