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Yesterday I made an impromptu trip to a local pick-your-own blueberry farm, and while I was there, I totally overheard a kid ask his mother if blueberry pie is a thing that exists. Who doesn't know about blueberry pie? Has he never eaten one? Who is this woman depriving their child of blueberry pie? Also, hasn't this kid ever seen a cartoon where someone steals a pie off of a windowsill? Stolen pies in cartoons are almost always blueberry (for some reason). At any rate, that kid's question made me feel sad and embarrassed for him.

Speaking of kids, I noticed I was one of the few women there without children in tow. I felt kind of out of place, to be honest, but at least I didn't have to stop every 10 seconds and tell my kid not to eat so many berries.


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