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Today in Men pt 2343434242424

Gawker pointed out how terrible Malcolm Gladwell and James O'Keefe are.

Back hair is the new pubic hair.


Vice talks with a guy who engages in zoophilia, which is a very vice thing.

Woman films catcallers, one man upset by attention he receives. Youtube flags/pulls video.


Sexual harassment in science.


Stealing the identity of a fake person.


Not all about men tho. Nieman lab talks about the Jez /Kinja issue and links to GT posts! Including mine, so I'm returning the favor I guess.

In shocking news to no one, conservatives misrepresent climate change news.


A couple fell off a cliff, while trying to take a selfie, in front of their kids.


Racist? You're in luck, the Ku Klux Klan is recruiting.

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