On my way into work, buying some sushi at the grocery store because I was having a craving. Dude in line says: "I would never eat grocery store sushi. That's just asking to get sick."

First of all (and beside the point), this is a fairly high-end grocery store. It's clean and everything is high quality.

But seriously, dude. 1) Don't tell me my lunch is going to make me sick while I'm paying for it. 2) Don't be such a goddamn snob - anyone with a nose can tell when fish has gone rancid, and they can't just sell tons and tons of rancid fish here without consequences.

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY - mind your own goddamn business. Talk shit later to your friends like, "oh my god this idiot woman was buying that gross Rouse's sushi!" or something. But for the love of god, let me go about my day.