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Salon on Jill Abramson's blatant misandry.

This is very alarming. Abramson's clear hatred of men is very alarming to me. In three short years, Abramson managed to create a newsroom masthead that more or less reflected the gender ratio of the United States. Like, if the Times hadn't unceremoniously fired her last week, who knows how high the number of women newsroom masthead editors may have risen? Maybe as high as seven — which was the previous number of male newsroom masthead editors that no one seemed to think about all that much. Because having an overwhelmingly male masthead just means that you hired the smartest candidates for the job. Nothing to talk about there.


NYU student objectifies men with wall of penii.

Men banned from Sailor Moon premiere, unless accompanied by female presumably emasculating him nonstop by talking over him during the movie.


The Toast reveals Seth MacFarlane is actually a swarm of hyper-alert bees with a metal jaw.