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A friend of mine posted this on Facebook:

I appreciate this article, as it proves that I am not crazy, and my office is freezing 100% of the time. But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is the caption on the second photo down. It says:

“Phoebe McPherson, left, at work in Reston, Va. A Snuggie, worn backwards, is one of the many tools she deploys to stay warm at the office in the summer.”


Snuggie, worn backwards

Snuggie. worn. backwards.




This already has a name. It’s a bathrobe. In fact, it is snuggies that are BATHROBES WORN BACKWARDS. Don’t try and flip this like snuggies are the normal thing, and bathrobes are the topsy-turvy world version.

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