I didn't really see my department manager for about the first 5 weeks of my new job, but I guess since the second-tier manager left, he's been feeling its his duty to check in on the production room. Anyway, the head manager is definitely a good ole boy — he's also the head engineer, he's been at the station for like 30 years, and he'll probably be there until he dies. The past few times we've run into each other, he's told me to smile more each time. It was really bugging me, and I couldn't figure out why until today when I was like, that's sexist, man. I'm a very reserved person, and it's unusual for me to just spontaneously smile. The only silver lining to this is that I probably won't be fired for not smiling more often, unlike when I worked at a grocery store and my supervisor was totally on my ass about being more cheerful. I should smile more? No, fuck you.