I work in an open office-just a bunch of desks facing each other with a space to walk through breaking it up. Across from me are three married dudes. Two already have children, one is expecting a baby with his wife.

They talk about their kids ALL THE TIME. The Almost Father is constantly asking The Dads questions about what to expect when the baby comes and they are offering sweet advice like helping out around the house as much as possible, taking a hands-on approach with the new baby and getting in plenty of Daddy-Baby Bonding time.

One Dad was talking about how proud he was of his daughter because she got the highest marks in her math class and he was taking her out to dinner tonight to celebrate.

I just thought I'd share a not-so-shitty anecdote. There are a lot of crappy people out there but there are also a lot of good ones :)

And now, an unrelated cute baby gif: