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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Today in OKStupid: Huh?

Sometimes an OKCupid message is received for which I cannot fathom whether to be impressed or nonplussed, so the natural course of action is simply to post it on Groupthink.

"You call this a Rob Roy?" he bellowed, shoving the cocktail into the fruit tray. She recoiled and burst out laughing.
The bartender's mouth dropped open. "You are so cut off." he stammered, motioning to the doorman, who by now had heard the yelling and was lumbering over to the bar.
She whispered in his ear. "C'mon, tiger, it's not worth it - fish tacos are calling us." She lightly picked at his sleeve and made the sad kitten face.
He turned his glowering eyes from the bartender and met her gaze.
His eyes flickered for a moment and she smiled.
I can see you melting, she thought.
He pursed his lips and turned away to point a finger at the bartender.
"Ta ta for now, bagel ears!" he snarled. The bouncer reached for his arm and he pulled away.
"Don't touch me! Don't you know who I am?" he yelled as she pulled him towards the door. "I'm the mayor of this shithole on Foursquare!"

-75% match, 65% friend, 24% enemy


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