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Today in OKStupid: I... Don't Even Know Where To Begin...

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I stumbled across this profile in Quickmatch & am rendered utterly speechless by the onion layers of dear-god-no. (The above, btw, is his profile photo.)

My self-summary

i'm a WHITE MALE fascinated by Black male/white female sexuality.
Does that seem unusual to you? Then allow me to expand a bit so you can understand better why I feel the way I do.

I believe its fair to say that white women are the most desired women in the world. Maybe this has to do with fair skin being equated with femininity, or else the fact that white women often have brightly colored hair and eyes. Whatever the reasons explaining their appeal, it is an indisputable, observable fact.

On the other hand, Black males are increasingly seen by women all over the world as the masculine ideal. They dominate sports which require a great deal of physical strength and stamina, and their macho self-expression reigns over the entertainment industry. Along with being perceived as being physically superior, Black men have a reputation of being the best lovers, a claim which, with the explosion of the internet, any woman can explore and evaluate from the privacy of her home.

So it would seem to be natural that the Black male/white female couple should be the sexual paradigm: that the most beautiful white women should pair exclusively with Black men.

Yet in white male dominated society, the attraction that many white women feel for Black men has been the source of much fear and humiliation, and it has been suggested (e.g. Cornell West in "Race Matters") that the origin of white racism is fear of Black male sexuality. Or put more indelicately: fear of the Big Black Cock. Hence the taboo surrounding sex between Black men and white women.

At one time, I was one of those white males who instinctively took umbrage at the sight of a Black male/white female couple. But once I saw images of Black men and white women making love, I realized how beautiful and natural such pairings are. The white women who allowed themselves to be photographed or filmed having sex with a Black men seemed like goddesses, and the Black men possessing them seemed to deserve them.
However in our society, to express such feelings is to invite scorn and to put at risk ones position and livelihood.

So what am I looking for here? Well, clearly, I would like to meet white women who are either openly or secretly fantasize about giving themselves sexually to Black men. For friendship, platonic or otherwise.

You should message me if

You are a female who is into Black men but would like to have a white male friend/boyfriend/whatever who accepts and celebrates you for who you are.


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