Hi,I'm [Name Redacted] ,Boriqua,I Rest in Washington Htz,I Smoke Weed,You Definitely Seem like Someone Real to Know,you Dnt Get that on Okc,I Like,Godbless,Your Complexion is Vry Beautiful & Sexy,I Only Date Darkskin'd Women,,I Definitely Would Love To knw you,Hit me up When you want,Dios Bendiga Mi Bella,The Eyes & Lips are Beautiful Godbless it

The Lips&Legs Won Me Hard

-from a 76% match, posted exactly as received

I just rejoined OKC last night. I deleted my previous profile because I'm pretty sure the dot next to my search results read "never ever responds, don't even bother." I wanted a clean slate. It's summer, & I'm feeling very social & active. I'm also looking for good reasons not to get too hung up on the Snapple thing I have going. Last time I joined OKC, I got my best matches in the first week, but goddamn if I'm not having a whole bunch of Tang thrown at me today.