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Welcome To The Bitchery

I could have sworn today was my first day of classes. NOPE. IT'S NEXT TUESDAY. So I came and went all the way to campus and back for no reason. And paid the stupidly expensive full bus fare because I didn't have my Metro card. Several times over, because I had to transfer buses and I didn't have my university ID to ride the school shuttle bus for one half of the trip like I usually do.

On the plus side, I've gotten some shows of support on tumblr for my post about this asshole. So that's nice. Only one person expressed disapproval:

Guys … why can’t we all just talk about Doctor Who?
I know this person might be insensitive or misguided or just plain wrong but whatever. Unfollow them and don’t resort to ganging up against them. Even if it isn’t outright bullying (and even if said person is being a bully), there are better ways to handle this.
ALL of you are making me upset, but I’m here for the Who, so I’ll just … wait this one out.


And I replied with this:

I made a polite plea for compassion. She showed herself to have none, and I am not going to reply to her or have any more contact with her. But I don’t regret writing the message in the first place. I tried to be as nice as I could be. What better way is there to handle it, if not to confront someone as politely as you can? Just ignore them? I won’t accept that. Ideas like herscause harm. Tangible harm. I’m not going to try again because I know it’s pointless, but I hope I never become complacent enough to stand by while people say the kind of awful, bigoted things that she does.


...So there?


EDIT that no one will see: I'm a pseudo-bully, you guise! Okay, not engaging any more. Even though there are so many things I want to say.

okay, but do keep in mind that from a Christian standpoint any kind of lbgt is also incredibly harmful (since many christians do in fact believe that sexual immorality results in eternal damnation and such). So is said person being ‘bigoted and awful’, or are they just moved by their faith and perhaps going about it the wrong way?
Whether you’re complacent or not, people will keep saying things they shouldn’t.
But whatever. It was your decision and I’m glad that at least the pseudo-bullying was vaguely considerate and thoughtful.


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