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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Today in Poor Decisions I've Made

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  • I wore a dress on a relatively cool day, resulting in me wishing I had a pair of desk sweat pants to wear at the office because it was fucking freezing.
  • I tried to power through the day without caffeine, even when I couldn't keep my eyes open. This resulted in me wasting 30 minutes on a 5 minute project, because I went and took a nap in one of the bathroom stalls.
  • I drank caffeine an hour before getting off work, I might not sleep tonight.
  • I tried changing the plates on my car myself by hand, resulting in one of the rusted bolts completely jammed into my wrench. My plates are now mismatched and I will have to get a shop to change the front plate for me before I get in trouble.
  • Planned on resigning my lease today without realizing it's National Night Out, which means it's not gonna happen until tomorrow.
  • Reading comments. Self explanatory.

How are your poor decisions coming along? I wish I could drink.


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