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Today in productive decision making

My advisor told me to drop that stats class (you know, the one that was causing me to be frustrated and pull all-nighters and question my very sanity, and about which a troll hassled me)! I will probably take it next fall. I was staring down the barrel of ten more hours working on a homework I'd already devoted six to (it's due at midnight), and having already had a couple conversations with classmates about potentially dropping it, I just wrote my advisor a four paragraph email explaining what was going on, that I was spending nearly 20 hours a week on one class and was not getting research stuff finished that needed to be, and that I was tearing my hair out (my anxiety levels over this are NUTS). She immediately told me to let go of the course, backfill with dissertation hours, and she just signed a letter that will (hopefully) get it off my transcript (right now it would be listed as a withdrawal, rather than dropped, but there are some extenuating circumstances).

Breathing a MASSIVE sigh of relief. I hadn't realized how much this class was taking out of me until I wrote that email. Now I will have an "extra" 20 hours a week to do my actual work! Also, I am so, so, so grateful to have an advisor who is supportive and understanding.


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