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Today in public transit ragestrokes ... now with update!

A journey that should take 2o minutes took me over an hour this morning, and it’s the third time I’ve been late this week thanks to bad transit service. I asked the bus driver (carefully modulating my voice to keep the frustration out of it) if there had been a problem that might explain why there hadn’t been a bus for 45 minutes and was told “uh, one of the buses caught on fire”.

ETA: BWA HA HA HA I just got an official response to the huffy email I dashed off while sulking on the bus. The TTC assures me that they consulted their service logs and there was, indeed, a 40-minute delay on the route “due to congestion”.* WELL I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT MYSELF SINCE I HAD 40 MINUTES TO OBSERVE THE TRAFFIC PATTERNS BUT WHAT I REALLY ASKED WAS WHY YOU PULLED 3 OUT OF 4 BUSES OFF THAT ROUTE

* You will note there was no mention of “the bus was on fire”.

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