Aka the most wonderfully ridiculous place on the internt.

A 24-year-old woman met her boyfriend of 2 years on a cruise. She just graduated college and, to celebrate, he took her on the same cruise. Where he asked her to marry him. She had no idea he was thinking about proposing and told him that she wanted to wait until she found a job and paid off her student loans. He's now basically not speaking to her.

Okay, that's pretty awkward, sucks to be them right now. What's so crazy about that? Enter: the commenters. Also known as, oh my god, why is everybody on the internet INSANE?

Most of the comments are basically saying that she's kind of a bitch for rejecting him and he has every right to hate her and that if she saw any amount of a future with him, she should have just said yes. Who are these people? How are they not more pissed at the guy who asked his girlfriend to marry him without ever talking about marriage beforehand? Bonus crazy: "if you don't know you're going to marry someone within two years, you're never going to marry them." WHAT? She's 24 fucking years old. Your brain isn't even done developing yet! Waiting to make lifelong commitments seems like a very practical thing to do!

I'm about this girl's age, and I've been dating my boyfriend for almost two years. If surprised me with a proposal, he would be laughed out of town. I get freaked out by the thought of someone buying me an engagement ring without talking to me about it. I mean, who came up with "the thing you should do right before you ask somebody to become your partner in life is make a giant financial decision without consulting them?" That's nuts!


Anyways, enjoy these crazy people with me, I need to share them with somebody!

Bonus points for finding commenters that claim she's just a golddigger for wanting to be with him without marrying him (seriously, what???).