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Welcome To The Bitchery

Today in racist casting

This casting call for a fat black religious-sounding lady to invite people into a nightclub!

Here's the casting description:

Seeking: Female, ages 30-64, African American

Actor - Church Lady "Mother Johnson": (Lead) heavy set preacher to be dressed as a Southern Baptist church member with big hat and suit; will preach to guests (gay and straight individuals) as they arrive to event improvisational lines which will be provided; guests should think they are coming to a religious event / church service but they aren't; will be twisting religious phrases around and really be talking about the club. Example - "Thou shall dance all night and feel the spirit of the DJ" and "We're going to be singing your favorite dance hymns tonight" and "Thou shalt be fierce tonight." Company states: "At audition we want you to improvise for one minute like you are preaching about your God and that God is a nightclub. This role is only for entertainment purposes and we are not a movement or organization." Bring a headhot


There are other roles called for along these lines: nun (nevermind that nuns are Catholic), preacher, choir member, etc. They are equally crass but meant for various ethnicities (even though it's fair to say they'd prefer black folk). The cultural misappropriation already makes my eyes roll out of my head, but the fat, outgoing, religious black lady is the kind of shit that makes me really mad.

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