TW: Racism and Misogyny

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) opted to hold classes today, in spite of the cold weather (air temps at/below zero). The decision was sent out in an e-mail to students and staff from UIUC Chancellor Phyllis Wise. Some students were annoyed by this unpopular decision and decided to start the Twitter hashtag #fuckphyllis.

As if that wasn't mean-spirited enough, some decided to start trying to earn nominations for misogynistic / sexist asshole of the year with some *lovely* insults towards Dr. Wise. Some of these insulting posts are listed below courtesy of a screenshot of the Buzzfeed article (Note: the original Twitter accounts have since been deleted, so I am unable to embed the original tweets).

Lovely kids, aren't they? And just when the WTF couldn't get worse, many lovely students decided to break out racist *and* sexist/misogynistic insults, because why be just pretty awful when you can be completely and utterly disgusting?


When people say racism doesn't exist in America anymore or that Asians are the "model minority", I will very kindly point them to this incident and ask them whether or not these same disparaging and racist insults would have been used against Dr. Wise had she been white.


The next time somebody says that sexism and misogyny don't really exist and that it's all just made up by us feminists because we are just playing the victim, I'll point them to this incident and ask them if, had Dr. Wise been a man, gendered insults would have been used.

So, in summary: