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Today in "Reminders that Good People Still Exist"

I was running in Central Park this morning when I saw a woman who was mounting her bike fall off of it and hit her (helmeted) head, cheek, and shoulder on the ground.

I immediately stopped and began rendering aid, and within seconds, four other passers-by stopped to help as well. While one passer-by (a nurse) and I talked to her and checked her for injuries, the other folks helped redirect the bikers and runners away from her, as she had fallen in the bicycling lanes.

Despite her claims that she was fine, the nurse and I noticed she was ddisoriented and couldn't remember how she had fallen, which raised red flags.


Luckily, before we could even call 911, a patrol car happened on the scene. A few moments later, an EMS unit which was leaving the park after being on standby for an earlier run came across our location and I flagged them down.

Ultimately, given her confused and disoriented state, the EMS team wound up putting her on a stretcher and taking her to the hospital. Moments later, all of us who were there all went on our separate ways and I finished my 3.5 mile run.

It still always amazes me that in cases like this, people stop what they are doing, help as best they can, and then all fade away into the background. Days like this remind me that, despite all of the terrible people in this world, there are still good people in this world who are ready and willing to help our fellow human beings.

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