The news this morning is that apparently a 39 yr old sergeant, on the force for 16 years, had a car full of 4 young men try to “assassinate” him in the early hours this morning. This story is so fishy. Here’s the breakdown.

1. cop is in full uniform (including bulletproof vest) in his personal car in Central West End neighborhood (nice area, usually just petty crime)

2. car full o’ 4 young men pulls up, one (18-22, black) gets out of passenger side with bandanna over his face and just opens fire on cop’s car

3. cop’s car has about 13 bulletholes in windshield that I could count on news footage. People in the neighborhood say they heard “a couple of shots”

4. cop gives chase to vehicle, loses them in parking garage, so returns to scene of the crime

5. cop apparently calls it in, and then goes to hospital where his is being treated for non-lethal injuries and is expected to be out of hospital by later this morning (because his vest blocked a shot. You read that correctly - 13 shots, and he’s shot once where his vest covers him.


This whole story makes no sense. And it’s going to be spun up like some race war bullshit. You just know it.

Finally, I am sick of cops acting like it’s a crazy scary thing when they are involved in some sort of dangerous situation. They work as fucking cops! That’s a job where a basic job expectation is that you could be in dangerous situations. Not like they are walking around checking parking meters.