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Today in Sigh

As if to prove what a piece of shit my city is, the STD (yep we still call it that, we’re so hip and fresh) clinic has turned me away for the 2nd time. The first time it was 4pm and they wouldn’t have been able to get my blood to the lab. Second time it was 3:15 but they couldn’t see me because they only had 1 nurse and 3 people ahead of me. Their hours are 8 to 5. I’m not even mad at the clinic at this point this is just a symptom of the general shittyness of my city. Something magical happens in government and health care during the holidays; budget cuts and bonuses. Best part Syphilis is making a big comeback here, but you know I'm sure the badly staffed badly equipped, badly managed health clinics have nothing to do with that.


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