This popped up on my newsfeeds and induced a mild ragestroke: "What most single people haven't realized yet: most love songs can be easily dedicated to your kids... ah... the many faces of love โ€” <3 "

All I have to say to that is: FA-Q.

Love songs can be about other people than a significant other? Get the fuck out! I never figured that out as a single person. Clearly only people with children who are partnered can understand the depths of love.

This woman has obviously never stumbled upon a Christian Radio station with all the love songs to Jesus. It's just so mind blowingly smug to infer that single people don't know something *as simple as* the fact that a love song can be about anyone. Fuck, songs can be interpreted about anything. My favourite right now is "Shake it Out" by Florence and the Machine - yes, it's about a relationship gone sour - but I've definitely sung that song at the top of my lungs crying and thinking about certain choices I've made in my life and my depression. I find singing along with that song so cathartic.

I'd be less annoyed if 20 people hadn't "liked" it. Idiot woman is now blocked from Newsfeed.