It's a nice, sunny day today, so I went out for a walk on my lunch break. I have a bit of a headache & the traffic is loud, so I turn down a quieter, but still not empty street. As I'm walking, I see this guy make a beeline for me, talking at me. I don't recognize what language he's speaking, but damn, I'm too familiar with that tone & those gestures. For a moment, I'm grateful not to understand what he's saying. As I'm conditioned to do, I try to be polite. I shake my head "sorry, I don't understand you," is the best I can offer. As I try to walk past, he steps toward me & I hear his tone change. Now he's yelling at me. I still don't know what language, but I don't even need to. I've heard it all before. I could still hear him a block down when I turned the corner. To walk past the construction site where the morning crew had yelled at me a few hours earlier for not smiling.

I don't know why I thought it was ok for me to walk down an open, public street in broad daylight. This is fucking ridiculous.