When her abusive ex-boyfriend was trying to break into her house an unnamed woman called 911 four times, but due to budget cuts, the county currently has no deputies available to respond to emergencies on nights and weekends. Oregon State Police also had no one available. Eventually, the ex—who was wanted by state police for parole violations—broke into the house and, after being arrested, has pleaded guilty to sexual assault and sodomy.

"Sheriff Gil Gilbertson: 'There isn't a day go by that we don't have another victim.' ...After the budget cuts went into effect, he sent out a press release. In it, he warned victims of domestic violence to, quote, 'consider relocating to an area with adequate law enforcement services.'"

Yes, my little hometown (well, just outside) has made the national news because we can't afford to keep people from being raped. The story is on the front page of Reddit, too.


We voted on it yesterday, and I couldn't even vote because my ballot went to my home address instead of my school address. The measure would raise property taxes by $1.48 per $1000.

And that's right, it failed. Just like it did last year, and just like almost every other measure that would raise taxes. (Our "public" libraries are nonprofits now because we voted to close them in 2006 rather than pay for them.) Read that last article for a more extensive description of how screwed the county is where law enforcement is concerned.

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