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Today, in Teaching Our Children Shitty History

Last night at dinner, young LadyNapsaLot (what is the title for the daughter of a duchess? Is it lady?) was telling us about her school day and what she learned.

"And in Social Studies, we learned about Pocahantas! She was SO COOL. She helped save John Smith's life and she fell in love with a man named John Rolfe and she moved to England and changed her name to Rebecca and she was, like, practically royalty, mom!"

I just looked at my husband, sighed and was like, "NOPE! She was kidnapped, even after helping colonialists survive, and traded for English hostages. She was taken from her family and married young and died terribly and was by all accounts miserable in England, where everyone treated her like a curiosity." (I said it nicer than that.)


Her little face just fell (this isn't the first time we've had to have these talks, particularly in regards to social studies. Last year she was assigned a book about George Washington Carver and it was full of happy-slave narrative and I had to go off about it in the middle of a damn Subway). She loves history so much but gets so crestfallen when she learns that she isn't being taught "the whole truth."

Are there history books for kids that cover the whole history (but are still age-appropriate and don't delve too deep into sociopolitical issues that may be difficult for kids to understand)? There have to be, right? Help, GT, you're my only hope.

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