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Today in "Teh Irresponsible Poorz"

So i’m guessing that plenty of folkshave already seen Perennial Turdwagon Jason Chaffetz’ calls for “teh poorz” to stop being “Irresponsible” with their money, and rather than spending that money on “The newest Iphone”, spend it on their healthcare premuim.

Obviously, plenty of folks are starting to call him out on it, some of them pretty damn hilariously:


But it was THIS little nugget on my twitter feed just afew minutes ago, that REALLY made me go, “SERIOUSLY DUDE?!?!??? WHF???”

Seems ‘ol “Jason in the House” is likely using a fancy-pants phone which HE DIDN’T EVEN PAY FOR HIMSELF🤔😒😒😒

Yet he has the NERVE (just like many R’s) to try to say where a private citizen spends their OWN money... and that we “Poor people” need to “just be more responsible in (our) decisions.”

Nevermind that, at least for folks like many of my former classmates who took their quizzes on smartphones, IT WAS THE ONLY INTERNET ACCESS THEY OWNED. Plenty of poor folks only HAVE a smartphone nowadays. Not a computer, in some cases, not a tv either, plenty of times, JUST that phone.



(That last link is the full document that the “The Apple Store” purchase is exerpted from)

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