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Today in Traumatizing Small Children...

Mr. Ivriniel was talking to ABiL on the phone today. As per usual, ABiL had it on speaker phone, and Mr. I could hear Niece talking in the background. Then suddenly she blurted out:

“Why did Babcia (Grandma) die?”

Mr. I was like “What? “ but ABil just kept talking. Presumably he didn’t hear. Mr. I stopped his brother, telling him he needed to address what his daughter just said.

Before ABiL could say anything, Niece blurted out “Babcia’s dead!”

ABiL then said “I don’t know why she’s saying that, but she’s working herself up to a cry. Gotta go.”


So after work I was messaging with my other Sister in Law, and she told me that Niece had been drawing pictures for one of ABiL’s patients (he’s an RPN) but that patient died, and he decided to explain the death to her in an overly technical way. He showed her diagrams of the heart, and described how a valve in her heart broke. To an almost four year old, who had never actually met the deceased. To my mind, this seems a bit excessive.

Last week her Babcia did have a bit of a health scare, but she’s doing ok. Initially they thought it was a mini-stroke (TIA) , but now they are thinking it might have been a seizure.


I would lay good money on ABiL getting out a diagram of the brain and describing a mini-stroke to Niece, and her misunderstanding and thinking this meant her Babcia was dead.

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