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I moved to a new city a little over a month ago. I started casually dating a guy I met online. He proceeded to text me every day while he went on two trips - one business and one personal. In between we saw each other four times. The last I went back to his place and had (oral) sex. Unsure where this was going, but liking him, I was getting wary about this whole thing dragging out into an unnecessary saga. Now, a week after I last saw him (and after texting me every day), he sends a text tonight "Hey, I don't think we should see each other any more. The spark is not just there, like I feel it should be at this point. Sorry, cisum88note."

I just didn't respond because what is there to say? It's in general fine, except for my deep insecurity issues, especially revolving around relationships. And the fact that he had basically friended me/followed/apped me on so many different applications. I guess it's just kind of a bummer because he was the first guy I had dated that I actually liked in a long time, and I sort of feel a bit used. I, again, have self-esteem and anxiety and depression issues, so of course I'm playing things around in my head, but trying to remain rational and mature about the whole thing. Ah, well. Life hasn't been dealing me the best hand, lately.


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