My class is going on a field trip tomorrow. Last night after school, I decided to phone the parent volunteers who had signed up on the forms to confirm that they were coming. I took the envelope with the permission slips and the money to the office with me.

Fast forward to today, when we could not find the envelope anywhere. The other stuff I took to the office with me was in the classroom, but not the envelope. We looked everywhere. Checked by the office phone, not there. Asked everyone but the head secretary who was on a course, and the Principal who was at meetings elsewhere.

Our other secretary emailed, and then called the head secretary. She hadnt seen it. The VP went into the Principal’s office to have a look. It is nowhere to be seen.

We make an announcement on the PA. One of the other teachers remembers seeing it sitting on the office counter, but it wasn’t there in the morning.

The VP calls the Principal to say “What do we do? The trip is tomorrow and the forms and the money are gone.”

The Principal says “Oh, I saw the envelope in the office last night and locked it in my desk for safe keeping.”


Gaaaaaaaah! Think he could have left a note, or sent an email, maybe?