Gold-embossed business cards! But c'mon, those are totally necessary, amirite?

Canadian Treasury Board President, Tony Clement apparently thought so!

"Each set of his cards featured the Arms of Canada decorated with gold leaf, a costly stationery option that has been banned across government since 1994".

Because nothing screams class more than gold leafed business cards that are just going to get ripped to shreds inside some dudes grungy old wallet.

Seriously though, this is a fucking absurd use of taxpayer money. He has since repaid $195 using his personal credit card. That's on top of another $400+ he repaid taxpayers last month for another set of fancy pants gold embossed business cards.


Oh, and those cards were ordered in error by one of his staff members. Of course they were, Tony, of course they were...

Quotes & Article via CBC News Canada…