So, I'm in training mode right now for a new position at work, and the guy who is showing me the ropes is pretty nice overall. However, last night I kind of wanted to slap him ... hard.

The Steve Harvey Show was on (it's a talk show FYI), and there was a segment about out of control kids. After the segment was over, which ended up being about a single (white) mother with four unruly pre-teen boys, my coworker leaned over and said something to the effect of, "Not to sound racist, but I thought the single mother was going to be black." I gave him side-eye for that, and he dismissed my concern by pointing out that a lot of the guests on the show are people of color. I've noticed that as well, but I thought his comment was extremely unnecessary. And don't get me started on the implication of, "Not to sound racist, but ...". Later on the show, there was a singer (Jennifer Holliday), and my coworker made a comment about how only black people can sing like she can. I was just like, "SSSTTTAAAHHHPPP saying these things."

So, to recap, I have this coworker who seems kind of racist, the coworker who used the word faggot in front me, another coworker who is convinced that Al-Jazeera is a terrorist organization, and also a coworker who thinks it's no big deal to shoot a cat with a gun. What the fuck is wrong with these people?!