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The Globe and Mail, Canada’s largest newspaper has pulled a column written by Leah McLaren entitled “The Joy (and politics) of Breastfeeding Someone Else’s Baby”. In it, McLaren recounted an incident from about 10 years ago where she was tempted to try breastfeeding one of the sons of Conservative MP ( and current leadership candidate) Michael Chong, without the consent of the baby’s parents. What’s more, McLaren wasn’t even lactating at the time.

McLaren said she was at a Toronto house party, and while looking for the bathroom, when she found the baby sitting in his car seat by himself in a room. McLaren began to wonder what it would be like to breastfeed, and decided to try it. Chong apparently walked in just as McLaren was unbuttoning her blouse, took the baby, and left without realizing what she was up to.

ETA: Looking at her original article, the Dad did in fact catch her with her blouse open, and knew what she was up to.


Holy hell. That is so creepy. I’m left wondering if she was drunk or something when that happened. That is stunningly poor impulse control.

On the other hand, who confesses something like that in a newspaper column? And hands it in to their editor? And what the hell was her editor thinking?

For his part, Michael Chong released a statement which read:

“It was odd, no doubt, but not of any real consequence,” he said.

“I entered this race to discuss important challenges facing Canada. I am happy to discuss those. But I won’t be making any further comment on this.”


Somehow I think McLaren won’t find herself invited to any parties any time soon.


Edited to Add: Here’s the original column courtesy of the Wayback machine:

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