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Today in yeah, okay: my martial arts teacher.

The other day I gave y'all a look into my relationship, or lack thereof, with my martial arts teacher. Not every awful thing he says is worthy of a post, but today I witnessed an exchange that was too bizarre not to detail here...

Today in class I was sitting next to my girlfriend and doing some stretches when my teacher asked her if she knows how to make an app (she has a background in computer science and currently works as a sys-admin). She said yeah, and my teacher apparently has an idea for an iWatch app, which is cool and all, but my girlfriend HATES Apple products and can barely code for Mac OS. I was dying to say something about this, but I just kept my mouth shut.


The kicker is that my teacher wants his app to be endorsed by a famous boxer like Mike Tyson or something. My teacher claims to know all of these big-name fighters and boxers (he name-dropped Evander Holyfield and Sugar Ray Leonard), but I kind of question that. My teacher started this fighting themed charity and he has all of these pictures of him and famous people, but I'm pretty sure his knowing these people is more like him following them around at events and asking them to say a few nice words about his charity just to say he can claim he has their support.

Anyway, he also seems really intent on making a lot of money from this app idea, which is also cool, I guess, but he kept mentioning these tech buyouts for billions of dollars, and I was just like yeah, okay. The funny thing is ... I'm not actually sure how my teacher makes his money currently. He doesn't charge my girlfriend or I for class; he charges some of the kids in class, but I don't think it's that much. He has no discernible job, although he used to be a fairly well-regarded chiropractor (he has awards and shit in the dojo), but he can still afford to visit his family in Hawaii for like two weeks at a time. I know I shouldn't talk because I'm unemployed, but I'm really not sure what he does with his time other than badger me about the air conditioner.

At any rate, it appears my teacher has designs on making a billion-dollar app for a product that doesn't come out until next year, and he's going to have my girlfriend write it even though she really doesn't know how to code for Mac OS. This sounds like a great plan.

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