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Today in: You missed the point and I hope you die in a fire

Here's a lovely infographic on when women owe a man sex, in response to/or at least inspired by, the story making the rounds about the husband's sex spreadsheet.

And then, just to keep the world spinning, here's the most recent comment:

This is fucking stupid. Where is our chart then. Be fair. The US is the only country I have been to where the women literally lock up their vagina. It's like not only do I have to impress her and get her to bite the fishing hook but now I have to hit every check box on the list as well where women now only have to show up? And you wonder why the divorce rates are so high now. It's thinking like this that adds fuel to the fire and maybe he ends up cheating. This is fucking stupid.


The point, good sir, is that we're not "lock[ing] up" our vaginas. The point is that we don't owe you a damn thing; you can't "earn" sex; it's not a reward. It's something we do if we want to. Just like it's something you do if you want to. Maybe, just MAYBE, dude, if you're having a hard time sleeping with women, you should stop treating it like a fucking game, or a war, and treat women as human-fuckin-beings. Just a thought.

ETA: Our lovely Belle Femme decided to dive in and leave a response to that guy. Comment below (with BF's permission):

Your chart? Change the genders around in the one above. Men don't owe women sex either. A woman can clean the entire house, take a man out to dinner, buy him a fancy watch, and he is still not obliged to have sex with her.

Last Friday, my husband and I had agreed to have sex right after work. When he came home from work, I was naked and ready to go in bed. But he'd had a shitty day and wanted to talk. I could have whined about him owing me sex, or I could be a good wife and treat my husband like a complex human being. For the record, I chose the latter.

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