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Today is awesome.


1. I took coffee to work in the best coffee cup ever, which was a real ceramic coffee cup with a no-spill lid so I don't have to drink coffee that tastes like metal or risk spilling coffee all over myself while I drive. My friend who got married the week before last gave it to me yesterday. (Side note: I need a GT name for her - she's basically my best friend.)


2. Greenhunk already found a job, and it's way less stressful than his old job.

3. My coworker gave me an adorable dress this morning.

4. I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season today!

5. I'm going to Britain in a week and a half!

6. This conversation.

7. It's probably too early to talk about this but omg I'm so excited I have to anyway. Greenhunk has been talking lately about us getting married. It's not official or anything but still. !!!!

Why is your day awesome, Groupthink?


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