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Today is blargh

Lots of little things seem to have conspired to put me in a truly foul mood at the moment, and I have no idea how to snap out of it. It's ridiculous since nothing by itself is particularly annoying, and it's all different stuff, but all together it just adds up to put me in *the worst* mood. Sorry in advance for the ramble.

I got really pissed off reading people's reactions to a woman's concerns about her fiancés stag on one of the wedding forums that I like to hate read. The basic responses could be split into "I don't see a problem so you are being controlling and unreasonable" and "well regardless of how you feel it's going to happen anyway, so you might as well just accept it now and just not ask any questions later". It was like reading relationship advice from the 1940's. MEN ARE SHIPS AND WOMEN ARE HARBOURS. Seriously. I don't want to get into details on it, but it was the reactions from people that made me want to punch someone, not the underlying debate.

Then I decided I was going to cook something different for Mr Kay Kay as a treat, as I've been doing really boring shit recently, and I know how much he likes trying new things and food from places we've been. So I spent HOURS cooking a new dish, which, admittedly, no-one asked me to do and I did completely of my own volition. His reactions was basically "it's missing something. Maybe they normally put this other thing in it. There's not that much taste in this bit, oh but it's nice! Thank you!". Now I KNOW, rationally, that I cook because I want to and not because I'm asked, but it was still a massive let down after I went to a lot of effort to do something new. It's just hugely disappointing that no matter how much effort I put in, the reaction is never better than "yeah it's good". I know he really appreciates it, but it just seems no matter what I do, I can't do something which is worthy of a strong reaction.


Later on, he was doing something on his phone and I went to sit next to him. He actively hid his phone which is utterly bizarre. I'd seen he was e-mailing people, and normally he is the least secretive person ever. Because it was so weird, I asked him if it was something for his stag do, which he said it was and he was giving people some ideas. At which point I was like "...I don't understand why you'd need to hide that from me". Anyway he was just being super cagey about the whole thing, and although I don't have even an ounce of suspicion he was saying something I would have a problem with in the e-mail ("LET'S GET ALL THE WHORES IN AMSTERDAM!!!"), it just really fucked me off that he was actively hiding something from me. Because it's a stag do! And that's what you do, AM I RITE? Hide things from your partners even when there's no reason to because it's A MAN THING.

Anyway, that combined with everything else has just left me super irritated and I have nowhere else to vent.

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