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Today is Color Day

National Color Day to be specific. I know this because I trade National Days back & forth with an equally dorky person.

There are many visually/creatively inclined people here, me among you all & color is a language we speak for work. In every day life, color speaks to & for everyone whether we know it or not.

Color Stories:

1. I love that the vocabulary in design work these days calls all variations of color, “color~ways.”


2. When I first bought my dump of a house, painting was the last thing on the list before a whole host of things to rip & fix. When I finally painted, some comments:

“It looks like Benjamin Moore threw up in here.” F~you, white waller.

“Is that Barbie Pink or Bubblegum?” It was “salmon.” I immediately re~painted because I agreed with my sister that it was too, too pink & ugly as hell. She said, “Honey, we all make paint mistakes. Do over!”


“That room is so small. Why’d you paint it red?” Because light colors making a room seem bigger may be true, but I decided to go with lady cave.

3. I fucking love so many shades of Orange. And its retail names crack me up: Clementine. Sunset. Early Pumpkin. Harbor Haze. Sunshine. Butternut. Baby Carrot. Harvest Moon.


4. I learned a long time ago that you can paint just about anything with yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, ivory black & cadmium white (eta: titanium white. duh). It was a challenging palette given to us as students. I was skeptical, but our teacher was right. Excellent exercise.

5. Coloring outside the lines is ALWAYS okay. That’s when the magic happens.

Color stories, anyone?

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