My OB is awesome. She sent my employer a note yesterday excusing me from work until Monday. My cold is getting better. I fell asleep at 5:30 for two and a half hours and after a good night's sleep last night I'm feeling better. NyQuil is amazing (for those of you who missed it I wrote Whiskey a limerick). We ended up bringing the baby over to my MILs partially because of my cold but mostly because my PPD. I'm going thru my old posts and picking some of the worst ones to show the psychiatrist. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my nerve so I want them there in case I can't talk about it at first. I didn't end up calling my dad but he sent me a text saying he wouldn't bug me but he was here whenever I needed him and he loves me. Depending on how my appointment goes I think I'm going to spend the afternoon enjoying not having to work and not having the baby. I want to do some baking (which I loved to do but haven't had any time since Baby Haa was here) and I want to paint my nails because I haven't done that in forever. What color should I choose? From left to right: Island Hopping, Maximillian Strasse-Heir and Sunday Funday

Vote!What color?

ETA: Now with link to my awesome limerick!